Arrest Reports and Laws

Oregon Laws under chapter 144

144.005 State Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision; membership; compensation.


144.015 Confirmation by Senate.


144.025 Chairperson; quorum; participation of all members; rules.


144.035 Board hearings; panels; exception.

144.040 Board to determine parole and post-prison supervision violations.


144.050 Power of board to authorize parole; rules.

144.054 When board decision must be reviewed by at least three board members.


144.059 State Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision Account.

144.060 Acceptance of funds or property; contracts with federal government and others.


144.075 Payment of expenses of returning violators of parole or post-prison supervision, conditional pardon or commutation.

144.079 Determination of total term of certain consecutive sentences of imprisonment; summing of sentences; exceptions.


144.085 Active parole and post-prison supervision; minimum amounts; extension.

144.087 Supervisory authority defined.



144.096 Release plan; contents.

144.098 Review of release plan.


144.101 Board’s jurisdiction over conditions of post-prison supervision; reentry court jurisdiction.

144.101 .

144.102 Conditions of post-prison supervision.

144.103 Term of active post-prison supervision for person convicted of certain offenses.

144.104 Supervisory authority; revising conditions.


144.106 Violation of post-prison supervision conditions; sanctions.

144.106 .

144.107 Sanctions for violations of conditions of post-prison supervision; rules.

144.108 Recommitment to prison for certain violations; procedure; effect of recommitment.

144.109 Violation of post-prison supervision by sexually violent dangerous offender; maximum period of sanction.

144.110 Restriction on parole of persons sentenced to minimum terms.

144.120 Initial parole hearing; setting initial parole release date; deferral of setting initial date.

144.122 Advancing initial release date; requirements; exceptions; rules.

144.123 Who may accompany person to parole hearing; rules.

144.125 Review of parole plan, psychological reports and conduct prior to release; release postponement; elements of parole plan; Department of Corrections assistance; rules.

144.126 Advancing release date of prisoner with severe medical condition including terminal illness or who is elderly and permanently incapacitated; rules.

144.130 Prisoner to have access to written materials considered at hearings or interviews; access procedures.

144.135 Bases of parole decisions to be in writing.

144.140 Rules.




144.185 Records and information available to board.




144.223 Examination by psychiatrist or psychologist of parole candidate; report; copies to affected persons.

144.226 Examination by psychiatrist or psychologist of person sentenced as dangerous offender; report.

144.228 Periodic parole consideration hearings for dangerous offenders; setting of parole date; information to be considered.


144.232 Release of dangerous offender to post-prison supervision; eligibility; hearing.


144.245 Date of release on parole; effect of release order.


144.260 Notice of prospective release on parole or post-prison supervision of inmate.

144.270 Conditions of parole.

144.275 Parole of inmates sentenced to pay compensatory fines or make restitution; schedule of payments.

144.280 Hearing after parole denied to prisoner sentenced for crime committed prior to November 1, 1989; rules.

144.285 Hearing after petition for change in terms of confinement denied to prisoner convicted of aggravated murder or murder; rules.



144.315 Evidence admissible before board; procedures.

144.317 Appointment of attorneys; payment.



144.331 Suspension of parole or post-prison supervision; custody of violator; revocation hearing before suspension.


144.334 Use of citations for parole or post-prison supervision violators; conditions; appearance.

144.335 Appeal from order of board to Court of Appeals; appointment of master; costs.

144.337 Public Defense Services Commission to provide counsel for eligible petitioners.

144.340 Power to retake and return violators of parole and post-prison supervision.

144.341 Procedure upon arrest of violator.

144.343 Hearing required on revocation; procedure.

144.345 Revocation of parole; effect of conviction for crime.

144.346 Parole revocation sanctions; rules.

144.347 Subpoena power of board; reimbursement for costs; contempt proceedings.

144.349 When ORS 144.343 does not apply.

144.350 Order for arrest and detention of escapee or violator of parole, post-prison supervision, probation, conditional pardon or other conditional release; investigation by department.

144.360 Effect of order for arrest and detention of violator.

144.370 Suspension of parole or post-prison supervision following order for arrest and detention; hearing.

144.374 Deputization of persons in other states to act in returning Oregon violators.

144.376 Contracts for sharing expense with other states of cooperative returns of violators.

144.380 Violator as fugitive from justice.


144.395 Rerelease of persons whose parole has been revoked; rules.



144.404 Department of Corrections authority to receive, hold and dispose of property.

144.405 Duty of officer upon seizure; disposition of property if no claim to rightful possession is established.

144.406 Petition for return of things seized.

144.407 Grounds for valid claim to rightful possession.

144.408 Hearing on petition.

144.409 Granting petition for return of things seized; judicial review.

144.410 Definitions for ORS to 144.525.

144.420 Department of Corrections to administer work release program; purposes of release; housing of parolee.

144.430 Duties of department in administering program.

144.440 Recommendation by sentencing court.

144.450 Approval or rejection of recommendations; rules; exemptions from Administrative Procedures Act.

144.460 Contracts for quartering of enrollees.

144.470 Disposition of enrollee’s compensation under program; rules.

144.480 Protections and benefits for enrollees.

144.490 Status of enrollees.

144.500 Effect of violation or unexcused absence by enrollee.


144.515 Release terminates enrollment; continued employment.



144.522 Revolving fund.

144.525 Custody of enrollee earnings deducted or otherwise retained by department.



144.600 Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision.

144.602 Short title.

144.603 Withdrawal from compact.

144.605 Fee for application to transfer supervision.

144.610 Out-of-state supervision of parolees; contract with other states.

144.613 Notice when parole or probation violated; hearing; report to sending state; taking person into custody.

144.615 Hearing procedure.

144.617 Hearing on violation in another state; effect of record in such hearing.

144.620 Short title.

144.622 Parole and parolee defined for Uniform Act for Out-of-State Supervision.





144.635 Intensive supervision; duration.

144.637 Rules.

144.639 Projecting number of persons to be classified as sexually violent dangerous offenders; budgeting.


144.641 Definitions.

144.641 .

144.642 Criteria for determining residence; Department of Corrections; rules; matrix.

144.644 Criteria for determining residence; State Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision; rules; matrix.

144.646 Use of rules and matrix by community corrections agency.

144.649 Granting reprieves, commutations and pardons generally; remission of penalties and forfeitures.

144.650 Notice of intention to apply for pardon, commutation or remission; proof of service.

144.660 Report to legislature by Governor.

144.670 Filing of papers by Governor.

144.710 Cooperation of public officials with State Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision and Department of Corrections.

144.720 Judge’s power to suspend execution of sentence or grant probation prior to commitment.

144.730 Failure to complete treatment program.

144.740 Request for appearance by prosecuting attorney at release date hearing.

144.750 Victim’s rights.

144.775 Commission members; terms; compensation; rules on duration of prison terms.

144.780 Rules on duration of imprisonment; objectives; considerations in prescribing rules.

144.783 Duration of term of imprisonment when prisoner is sentenced to consecutive terms.

144.785 Rules on duration of prison terms when aggravating or mitigating circumstances exist; limitation on terms; dangerous offenders.

144.787 Rules on age or physical disability of victim constituting aggravating circumstance.


144.791 Presentence report in felony conviction cases; when required.