Arrest Reports and Laws

Hearing on petition.

(1) If, upon consideration of a petition for return or restoration of things seized, it appears to the Department of Corrections that the things should be returned or restored, but there is substantial question whether they should be returned to the person from whose possession they were seized or to some other person, or a substantial question among several claimants to rightful possession, the department may set a further hearing, assuring that all persons with a possible possessory interest in the things in question receive due notice and an opportunity to be heard. Upon completion of the hearing, the department shall enter an order for the return or restoration of the things seized.
(2) Instead of conducting the hearing provided for in subsection (1) of this section and returning or restoring the property, the department in its discretion, may leave the several claimants to appropriate civil process for the determination of the claims. [1991 c.286 §5]