Arrest Reports and Laws

Effect of violation or unexcused absence by enrollee.

(1) If a person enrolled, or assigned to participate, in the work release program violates any law, or any rule or specific condition applicable to the person under ORS 144.450, the Department of Corrections may immediately terminate that person’s enrollment in, or assignment to, the work release program and transfer the person to a Department of Corrections institution for the remainder of the sentence.
(2) Absence, without a reason that is acceptable to the Director of the Department of Corrections, of a person enrolled in, or assigned to, a work release program from the place of employment, work assignment or designated quarters, at any time contrary to the rules or specific conditions applicable to the person under ORS 144.450:
(a) Immediately terminates the enrollment of the person in, or assignment of the person to, the work release program.
(b) Constitutes an escape from a correctional facility under ORS 162.155. [1965 c.463 §§16,17; 1971 c.743 §340; 1987 c.320 §74; 1995 c.384 §9]