Arrest Reports and Laws

Oregon Laws under chapter 819

819.010 Failure to comply with requirements for destruction of vehicle; exception; penalty.

819.012 Failure to follow procedures for a totaled vehicle; penalty.

819.014 Insurer failure to follow procedures for totaled vehicle; penalty.

819.016 When salvage title required; rules.

819.018 Failure to notify subsequent purchaser of condition of vehicle; rules; penalty.


819.030 Department procedure on receipt of title or notice.

819.040 Illegal salvage procedures; penalty.

819.100 Abandoning a vehicle; penalty.

819.110 Custody, towing and sale or disposal of abandoned vehicle; general provisions.

819.120 Immediate custody and towing of vehicle constituting hazard or obstruction; rules.


819.140 Agencies having authority to take vehicle into custody; powers of agency taking custody.

819.150 Rights and liabilities of owner.

819.160 Lien for towing.

819.170 Notice prior to taking vehicle into custody and towing; methods; contents.

819.180 Notice after taking into custody and towing; method; contents.

819.185 Procedure for vehicles that have no identification markings.

819.190 Hearing to contest validity of custody and towing.

819.200 Exemption from notice and hearing requirements for vehicle held in criminal investigation.

819.210 Sale or disposal of vehicle not reclaimed.

819.215 Disposal of vehicle appraised at $500 or less; notice; rules.







819.280 Disposal of vehicle at request of person in lawful possession; rules.

819.300 Possession of a stolen vehicle; penalty.

819.310 Trafficking in stolen vehicles; penalty.

819.400 Assignment of numbers.

819.410 Failure to obtain vehicle identification number for unnumbered vehicle; exception; penalty.

819.420 Failure to obtain vehicle identification number for vehicle with altered or removed number; penalty.

819.430 Trafficking in vehicles with destroyed or altered identification numbers; penalty.

819.440 Police seizure of vehicle without identification number; inspection; disposition of vehicle; disposition of moneys from sale.

819.480 Vehicle appraiser certificate; rules.