Arrest Reports and Laws

Oregon Laws under chapter 813

813.010 Driving under the influence of intoxicants; penalty.

813.011 Felony driving under the influence of intoxicants; penalty.

813.012 Crime classification for purposes of rules of Oregon Criminal Justice Commission.

813.017 Arraignment; booking.

813.020 Fee to be paid on conviction; screening and treatment; mandatory imprisonment or community service; attendance at victim impact treatment session; session fee.

813.021 Requirements for screening interview and treatment program.

813.022 Proof of treatment.

813.023 Alternative payment methods for screening interview or treatment program.

813.025 Designation of agency to perform screening interview and treatment program; qualifications; rules.

813.030 Amount of fee; distribution.

813.040 Standards for determination of problem condition involving alcohol, inhalants or controlled substances.

813.050 Out-of-service orders for operators of commercial motor vehicles; grounds; duration; rules; penalty.


813.055 Civil penalty for violation of out-of-service order or notice.

813.095 Offense of refusal to take a test for intoxicants; penalty.

813.100 Implied consent to breath or blood test; confiscation of license upon refusal or failure of test.

813.110 Temporary permit upon confiscation of license.

813.120 Police report to department.

813.130 Rights of and consequences for person asked to take test.

813.131 Implied consent to urine test; privacy; laboratories for analysis.

813.132 Consequences of refusing to take urine test; exception.

813.135 Implied consent to field sobriety tests.

813.136 Consequence of refusal or failure to submit to field sobriety tests.

813.140 Chemical test with consent; unconscious person.

813.150 Chemical test at request of arrested person.

813.160 Methods of conducting chemical analyses; duties of Department of State Police; reports; costs.

813.170 Plea agreement prohibited.

813.200 Notice of availability of diversion; petition; form; contents.

813.210 Petition; filing fee; screening interview fee; service on prosecutor; objection.

813.215 Eligibility for diversion.

813.220 Matters to be considered by court in determining to allow diversion agreement; reasons for denial.

813.222 Right of victim to be present at hearing.

813.225 Petition for extension of diversion period; conditions.

813.230 Diversion agreement; record; duration; effect of denial.

813.233 Exemption from completing treatment program in this state.

813.235 Attendance at victim impact treatment session as condition of diversion; fee.

813.240 Amount and distribution of filing fee; screening interview fee.

813.245 Booking.

813.250 Motion to dismiss charge on completion of diversion; admissibility of statements.

813.252 Motion to dismiss charge when minimal fine amount remains.

813.255 Termination of diversion.

813.260 Designation of agencies to perform screening interviews; duties of agency.

813.270 Intoxicated Driver Program Fund; creation; uses.

813.300 Use of blood alcohol percentage as evidence; percentage required for being under the influence.

813.310 Refusal to take chemical test admissible as evidence.

813.320 Effect of implied consent law on evidence.

813.322 Department of State Police rules regarding breath tests as evidence; validity of officer’s permit.

813.324 Use of testimony from implied consent hearing as evidence in prosecution.

813.326 Felony driving while under the influence of intoxicants; prior convictions.

813.328 Notice of intent to challenge validity of prior convictions.

813.400 Suspension or revocation upon conviction; duration; review.



813.410 Suspension upon receipt of police report on implied consent test; hearing; validity of suspension; appeal; rules.

813.412 Role of police officer in implied consent hearing.

813.420 Duration of suspension for refusal or failure of test.

813.430 Grounds for increase in duration of suspension.

813.440 Grounds for hearing on validity of suspension; rules.

813.450 Appeal from suspension for refusal or failure of breath test.

813.460 Department procedures upon verification of suspension of driving privileges of wrong person.

813.470 Department notation on record of person acquitted after suspension.

813.500 Restrictions on issuance.

813.510 Limitations on privileges granted by permit; conditions of permit.

813.520 Limitations on authority to issue hardship permit or reinstate driving privileges.

813.600 Ignition interlock program; rules.

813.602 Circumstances under which ignition interlock device required; exemptions; rules.

813.603 Waiver of costs of ignition interlock device; rules.

813.604 Notice of court order; notation on hardship permit; rules.

813.606 Exception for employee otherwise required to have device.

813.608 Knowingly furnishing motor vehicle without ignition interlock device; penalty.

813.610 Soliciting another to blow into ignition interlock device; penalty.

813.612 Unlawfully blowing into ignition interlock device; penalty.

813.614 Tampering with ignition interlock device; penalty.

813.616 Use of certain moneys to pay for ignition interlock program.

813.620 Suspension of driving privileges for failing to provide proof of device installation or for tampering with device.

813.630 Notice of ignition interlock device installation and negative reports; rules.

813.635 Consequence for negative reports generated from ignition interlock device; rules.

813.645 Motion to vacate requirement to install and use ignition interlock device; rules.