Arrest Reports and Laws

Oregon Laws under chapter 811

811.005 Duty to exercise due care.


811.015 Failure to obey traffic patrol member; penalty.

811.017 Failure to yield to traffic patrol member; penalty.

811.020 Passing stopped vehicle at crosswalk; penalty.

811.025 Failure to yield to pedestrian on sidewalk; penalty.

811.028 Failure to stop and remain stopped for pedestrian; penalty.

811.030 Driving through safety zone; penalty.

811.035 Failure to stop and remain stopped for pedestrian who is blind; penalty.



811.050 Failure to yield to rider on bicycle lane; penalty.

811.055 Failure to yield to bicyclist on sidewalk; penalty.

811.060 Vehicular assault of bicyclist or pedestrian; penalty.

811.065 Unsafe passing of person operating bicycle; penalty.

811.100 Violation of basic speed rule; penalty.

811.105 Speeds that are evidence of basic rule violation.


811.108 Relationship between speed limits and basic rule.

811.109 Penalties for speed violations.


811.111 Violating a speed limit; penalty.

811.111 .






811.124 Meaning of children are present in ORS 811.111.

811.125 Speed racing on highway; penalty.

811.127 Organizing a speed racing event; penalty.

811.130 Impeding traffic; penalty.

811.135 Careless driving; penalty.

811.140 Reckless driving; penalty.

811.145 Failure to yield to emergency vehicle or ambulance; penalty.

811.147 Failure to maintain safe distance from emergency vehicle, roadside assistance vehicle, tow vehicle or ambulance; penalty.

811.150 Interference with emergency vehicle or ambulance; exemptions; penalty.

811.155 Failure to stop for bus safety lights; exemptions; penalty.

811.157 Report by driver of violation of ORS 811.155; contents.

811.159 Law enforcement agency response to report of violation of ORS 811.155.

811.160 Interference with rail fixed guideway system operation; penalty.

811.165 Failure to stop for passenger loading of public transit vehicle; penalty.

811.167 Failure to yield right of way to transit bus; rules; penalty.

811.170 Violation of open container law; penalty.

811.172 Improperly disposing of human waste; penalty.

811.175 Violation driving while suspended or revoked; penalties.

811.180 Affirmative defenses.

811.182 Criminal driving while suspended or revoked; penalties.

811.182 .


811.190 Operation with obstructing passenger; penalty.

811.193 Smoking, aerosolizing or vaporizing in motor vehicle when child is present; penalty.

811.195 Having passenger in trailer; penalty.

811.200 Carrying dog on external part of vehicle; penalty.

811.205 Carrying minor on external part of vehicle; penalty.

811.207 Legislative findings regarding restraint of children in motor vehicles.

811.210 Failure to properly use safety belts; penalty.

811.215 Exemptions from safety belt requirements.

811.220 Certificates of exemption from safety belt requirement.

811.225 Failure to maintain safety belts in working order; penalty.

811.230 Definitions; fine; notice.

811.231 Reckless endangerment of highway workers; penalties.

811.232 Refusing to obey flagger; penalty.

811.233 Failure to yield right of way to highway worker; penalty.

811.235 Fine for traffic offenses in school zones.

811.250 Law applicable to vehicles registered out of state.

811.255 Permitting unlawful operation of vehicle; penalty.

811.260 Appropriate driver responses to traffic control devices.

811.265 Driver failure to obey traffic control device; penalty.

811.270 Failure to obey one-way designation; penalty.

811.275 Failure to yield right of way at uncontrolled intersection; penalty.

811.277 Failure to yield right of way at uncontrolled T intersection; penalty.

811.280 Failure of driver entering roadway to yield right of way; penalty.

811.285 Failure of merging driver to yield right of way; penalty.

811.290 Obstructing cross traffic; penalty.

811.292 Failure to yield right of way within roundabout; exception; penalty.

811.295 Failure to drive on right; exceptions; penalty.

811.300 Failure to drive on right of approaching vehicle; exceptions; penalty.

811.305 Driving on left on curve or grade or at intersection or rail crossing; exceptions; penalty.

811.310 Crossing center line on two-way, four-lane road; exceptions; penalty.

811.315 Failure of slow driver to drive on right; exceptions; penalty.

811.320 Failure to drive to right on divided highway; exceptions; penalty.

811.325 Failure to keep camper, trailer or truck in right lane; exceptions; penalty.

811.330 Driving wrong way around traffic island; penalty.

811.335 Unlawful or unsignaled turn; penalty.

811.340 Improperly executed left turn; penalty.

811.345 Failure to use special left turn lane; penalty.

811.346 Misuse of special left turn lane; penalty.

811.350 Dangerous left turn; penalty.

811.355 Improperly executed right turn; penalty.

811.360 Vehicle turns permitted at stop light; proceeding against traffic control device; improperly proceeding at stop light; penalty.

811.365 Illegal U-turn; penalty.

811.370 Failure to drive within lane; exception; penalty.

811.375 Unlawful or unsignaled change of lane; penalty.

811.380 Improper use of center lane on three-lane road; penalty.

811.385 Depriving motorcycle or moped of full lane; penalty.

811.390 Unlawful use of lights to signal for passing; penalty.

811.395 Appropriate signals for stopping, turning, changing lanes and decelerating.

811.400 Failure to use appropriate signal for turn, lane change, stop or exit from roundabout; penalty.

811.405 Failure to signal with lights; exceptions; penalty.

811.410 Unsafe passing on left; penalty.

811.415 Unsafe passing on right; penalty.

811.420 Passing in no passing zone; exceptions; penalty.

811.425 Failure of slower driver to yield to overtaking vehicle; penalty.

811.430 Driving on highway divider; exceptions; penalty.

811.435 Operation of motor vehicle on bicycle trail; exemptions; penalty.

811.440 When motor vehicles may operate on bicycle lane.

811.445 Use of throughway when prohibited; penalty.

811.450 Violation of posted truck routes; defense; penalty.

811.455 Failure to stop for railroad signal; penalty.

811.460 Failure to follow rail crossing procedures for high-risk vehicles; application; penalty.

811.462 Failure of operator of commercial motor vehicle to slow down and check tracks; penalty.

811.465 Exemptions from high-risk vehicle rail crossing procedures.

811.470 Improper movement of heavy equipment across rail crossing; application; penalty.

811.475 Obstructing rail crossing; penalty.

811.480 Illegal backing; penalty.

811.481 Unlawful use of marijuana while driving; penalty.

811.483 Safety corridors; penalty.

811.485 Following too closely; penalty.

811.490 Improper opening or leaving open of vehicle door; penalty.

811.492 Engine braking; penalty; exception.

811.495 Unlawful coasting on downgrade; exception; penalty.

811.500 Unlawful stop or deceleration; penalty.

811.505 Failure to stop when emerging from alley, driveway or building; penalty.

811.507 Operating motor vehicle while using mobile communication device; exceptions; penalty.

811.510 Dangerous operation around livestock; penalty.

811.512 Unlawfully operating low-speed vehicle on highway; penalty.

811.513 Unlawfully operating medium-speed electric vehicle on highway; penalty.

811.514 Unlawfully operating racing activity vehicle on highway; penalty.

811.515 When lights must be displayed; kind of light; number; direction; use on certain vehicles.

811.520 Unlawful use or failure to use lights; penalty.

811.525 Exemptions from requirements for use of lights.

811.526 Safety campaign for use of headlights.

811.530 Failure to post warnings for disabled vehicle; application; penalty.

811.535 Failing to obey police officer; penalty.

811.540 Fleeing or attempting to elude police officer; penalty.

811.550 Places where stopping, standing and parking prohibited.

811.555 Illegal stopping, standing or parking; affirmative defense; penalty.

811.560 Exemptions from prohibitions on stopping, standing or parking.

811.565 Dangerous movement of stopped, standing or parked vehicle; penalty.

811.570 Improperly positioning parallel parked vehicle; exception; affirmative defense; penalty.

811.575 Violation of posted parking restrictions on state highways; affirmative defense; penalty.

811.580 Parking vehicle on state highway for vending purposes; penalty.

811.585 Failure to secure motor vehicle; affirmative defense; penalty.

811.587 Unlawful parking in space reserved for alternative fuel vehicle refueling; penalty.

811.590 Unlawful parking in winter recreation parking area; exemptions; penalty.

811.595 Winter recreation parking permit; rules; fees.

811.600 Fees for winter recreation parking permits.

811.602 Disabled person parking permit; content; rules.

811.603 Parking identification card without photograph; issuance; rules.

811.604 Application for disabled person parking permit.

811.605 Contents of individual placard or decal.

811.606 Parking permit for person with temporary disability.

811.607 Program placards; rules.


811.609 Family placards.


811.611 Foreign visitor placard.

811.612 Maintenance of privileges after relocation.

811.613 Wheelchair User placard; rules.

811.615 Unlawful parking in space reserved for persons with disabilities; exceptions; penalty.

811.617 Blocking parking space reserved for persons with disabilities; penalty.

811.620 Removal of vehicle illegally parked in space reserved for persons with disabilities.

811.625 Unlawful use of disabled person parking permit; penalty.

811.627 Use of invalid disabled person parking permit; penalty.

811.630 Misuse of program placard; penalty.

811.632 Appointment of volunteers to issue citations.

811.635 Privileges granted by disabled person parking permit other than program placard.

811.637 Privileges granted by program placards.


811.700 Failure to perform duties of driver when property is damaged; penalty.

811.705 Failure to perform duties of driver to injured persons; penalty.

811.706 Money damages resulting from violation of ORS 811.700 or 811.705.

811.707 Crime classification for violation of ORS 811.705.

811.710 Failure to perform duties of driver when animal is injured; penalty.

811.715 Failure to perform duties of witness to accident; penalty.

811.717 Failure to remove motor vehicle from roadway; penalty.

811.720 When accident must be reported to Department of Transportation.

811.725 Driver failure to report accident to Department of Transportation; penalty.

811.730 Owner failure to report accident to Department of Transportation; penalty.

811.735 Failure of vehicle occupant to make accident report to Department of Transportation; penalty.

811.740 False accident report; penalty.

811.745 When accident must be reported to police officer or law enforcement agency.

811.747 Definitions for ORS 811.748 and 811.750.

811.748 Driver failure to report accident to police officer or law enforcement agency; penalty.

811.750 Failure of vehicle occupant to make accident report to police officer or law enforcement agency; penalty.

811.800 Operation of funeral vehicles with improper lights; penalty.

811.802 Failure to yield right of way to funeral procession; penalty.

811.804 Intersection rules for funeral processions.

811.806 Exceeding maximum speed for funeral procession; penalty.

811.808 Exemption from speed limits for funeral escort vehicle.

811.810 Disrupting funeral procession; penalty.